Stallman Refuses to Switch to Linux 3.0, Argues that 'Linux 2.X already fits my needs'

7/21/2011 - Tim Elliott

Richard Stallman said Thursday that he will not be switching to the newly released Linux 3.0 kernel, and that he instead will stay with the Linux 2.X series. Stallman argued that "The Linux 2.X series already fits my needs." [1]

When asked for his opinion on the issue, Linus Torvalds stated that Stallman was holding on to the 2.6 series of Linux with an "irrational kind of stubbornness." [2]

In response, Stallman retorted that "I started using the 2.X series fifteen years ago, and realized what it does. I still stand behind it. So tell me: who is the more confused one?" [1]